Sunday, 8 May 2011

Special Cruiseship Tour (Part I)

Black collared hawk is often seen

The Meeting of the waters

Time for reading a bit and rest or birdwatching

No time to sit and eat though, only fresh fruit, nuts and tid bits are served
Nice, safe and clean boats

We use our own guide books

Join us and maximize your brief  staying in the Amazon. Our tour focus on wildlife observation and History, and groups are limited to 10 people.

Hi Gil

We would like to say a big thank you for 2 of the most wonderful days we have ever spent ashore from a cruise ship. We lovedddddd! every minute of it. You were so knowledgeable, entertaining and funny and we are still smiling today. A few photos you may like to see are attached. People on the ship have asked how we managed to be so few on our boat and they were so many - you remember we passed 2 or 3 Seabourn tourists boats. We have told so many people on board about our super guide and the days you planned for us.

We have already looked on Amazon to buy the books you were involved with and hopefully these will arrive in England when we arrive home.

Thank you again - we just loveddddd it.

Kind regards
Sloths observation are guaranteed and many birds too

Close-up and personal experiences

Exploration and adventure

Santarem as the birds see it

Trophy photographs even with snapshot cameras
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Gil Serique: Culture, Windsurf & Wildlife In the Amazon said...

From Cruises critic:
Santarem-we went along on a private tour that someone else oranized but it was fantastic. It was booked with Gil Serique ( We had a very comfortable private river boat that went up the small rivers where we we saw lots of birds, pink dolphins, and sloths. Before boarding the boat we drove in a van to some smaller villages off the beaten path where we talked to villagers about how they live, work, etc. Gil is quite a character--a brilliant ADHD type with lots of knowledge--so we really enjoyed ourselves. Some other folks hired a small boat to go fishing for piranhas which the crew then cooked up for them. We never really saw any of the town so I can't comment on that part.