Saturday 28 May 2016

Cruiseship Season in the Amazon 2016 - 2017

We provide limited Leicas and Swaroviskis and wildlife guide-books

A human habitation in the area we explore

Hoatzins are obeserved in most of the tours
Pink Dolphins are amongst the best representative of the local fauna we guarnte them

Savana Hawk

The magnificent Horned Screamer

Three-toed sloths are guranteed!!

Water buffalos one of the threats to native wildlife
A short chat with the chosen ones

She is pretty isnt she

Pix taken by a drone during our tour

That is me and her

The amazing Pink Dolphins

A big camera helps but most wildlife can be shot with a small camera

My friends always looking happy

Tid bits are offered during the whole tour

Taken from home, the ships anchor almost at the end of the rainbow

The meeting of the waters (Tapajos and Amazon rivers)

Easy to see great to photograph during high waters

They pink but cab look greay sometimes

Black Skimmers on the Meeting of the Waters in Santarem

Black-collared hawks

Watteld Jacana on Water hyacinths

Resting at the port of Santarem

We get confortable pier to get in and out of our great boats

I will be holding this sign or wearing a tee-shirt with it on

Lecturing props

To be or not to be....a bit of fun with Shakes.

Meeting of the waters in Santarem

At home when ships anchour at Alter do chao

Home is a  former  property of the Waughon family

Squirrel monkey shot during our canoe rides in the floodplain

Black Howler seen from pur spacious boat

That was a real unforgetable tour. I luv families!

Beautiful smiles of my levely buddies

We often see no less than 3 sloths

Thee-toed sloth shot from our boat

Enjoying a Great Potoo

We have no time to seat and eat far too much nature to enjoy

Our first or last moment at the pier in Santarem

One of our boat in action

About to dock in Santarem

Dehidral wings in action

Although I am reluctant to operate in the other ports in the Amazon I am improving my tours in Santarem and Alter do chao area. My challenge is to provide a great Amazon Experience at the shortest time, enjoying Nature while addressing environmental issues, History and above all having a bit of fun in the safest way.
There is by far enough information about our work on Cruise Critic, Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Trip Wolf or my website ( but dont hesitate to write and ask for more

Join us and live a memorable Amazon Experience.

Wednesday 25 May 2016

New review like written by my mother or father or bro or sister

This is a must-do trip if you're in the region. Gil will take you places & show you things you will not see without doing his trip.

His enthusiasm, energy & knowledge are second to none.
The first 30 minutes had us feeling Gil was a bit over the top it then you realise that's just him, he is this pumped up al the time! Then you just relax & enjoy his hospitality & the amazing things he will show & tell you.

Thank you Gil & your team!

Queen Victoria in Santarem, Amazon

This beauty will be in Santarem in January, I have a tour schedule with almost no places left.

I cant wait!!