Tuesday 23 September 2014

In April Crystal Serenity comes back to Santarem: Join us Now

Crystal Serentiy docked at Santarem

Three-toed Sloths

Sacious boat with great snacks and fruit

Pink Dolphins


Flooded forest exploration

Giant Water Lillies

Sunday 21 September 2014

Ooops! I guess i did it right again

A fun guide with hundreds of stories to tell, Gil is the ultimate guide for families. He is full of energy, knows the areas like the back of his pocket, and always try to find ways to make us have a good time. His english is perfect with a charming accent, which makes everything more interesting and easier for us foreigners. He also focuses on learning and knowledge, as well as on adventure, love of nature, laugh out loud fun and good home made food. A perfect combination.  

At our request, Gil organized a night in the jungle for our families and friends! What an adventure, truly out of the beaten path! Him and his companions brought us to the perfect spot to set up camp: Hammacks and campfire. They even built an elevated structure for the teenagers to sleep higher in the trees! Memorable. They set up a rudimentary grill to cook the fish and the meal. Finger licking good diner, in good company right in the middle of the jungle. 

Then at sunset time, fireflies of different colours started decorating the canopy, a way to say good night to us traveller for a night to remember in the middle of the National Tapajos Forest. 

Friday 12 September 2014

Special Cruiseship tour Santarem (dry season)

Sapucaya and Brazil nuts
Pink Dolphins are Guaranteed!
Three-toed sloths are GUARANTEED
short and productive hikes
with my friends

My little girl visits Rainforest

Thursday 11 September 2014

Rainforest Canopy

Very Special tour for Cruiseship Passengers

A testimonial from Erich

Swiss bros in arms

Pink Dolphin
Three-toed sloth
A Boa
Great reading mein Lieber
Of course Willy
Swiss grp Amazon Cocoa
A black Cayman we met(and had soem wine with) just in front of Santarem
Erich Gysling