Saturday 9 June 2012

Map of Santarem

01 & 6 - Ports for boats from Belem and Manaus
X- Bus stops to Alter do chao;
02 - Fish Market
03 - Boats to other towns
04 - Handcrafts, Mascote, Mirante, my ex-home ( I'm at Alter do chão)
5 - Museum
I - Amazon Star (internet)
thx Google!  They are all walkable distances.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Tapajos National Forest/Belterra

Getting permission to enter the park



Camp site chosen


atmosphere at the camp


Jaguar prints

Amazon Floodplain Expedition

Great Egrets

Our boat

Three-toed Sloth

Pink Dolphin

Exploring a forest island by canoe

Heike and Joerg

Joerg reading my book

Maica River