Thursday 19 July 2012

Special private tour

Pink Dolphins

At the camp site

The forest was so big we could play frisbee

Away from the jaguars

Sunday 8 July 2012

3-day trip by boat Thx 2 Santarem turismo

Dona Meri, our dedicated and talented chef
Lunch time along the Tapajos river

Me with Ain Rand's Atlas Shrugged in Bulgarian


Juliane birdwatching

Our boat for 3 days

Laura using windows

Breakfast time

Guide at rest

Giant water lillies at Jari river

Hiking in Rainforest

Sunset from Serra Piroca at Alter do chao

Arrival to Jmaraqua

Friends resting under the shade of a king-sized tree

Gil Serique playing

Lunch time

Tha is me posing in front of a fig tree