Monday 30 June 2008

It is time to learn Hebrew

school is off

Vacation time!!!
It is time to use a another BIC.

Being a guide in the Amazon... such a privilege to me.
I always meet quite interesting people and visit cool places.
In pix I am with a grp of brits at Steve's Sta Lucia bosque where I feel at home

Alter do Chao

I can't wait to see Alter do Chao like Danni clicked last year.
For the next two months most of the beach will be under the water.

Genius home

It is quite rude of me to share these pix of Alan Dean Foster's place,
but he is such a lovely person and probably would'nt mind it.

Extremes are getting more extremes

Sunday 29 June 2008

show do NX0 it was really cool, thx PT.

I Iost my herd of sheep, the river is windless,it looks like a mirror.

A few of the few species of Macaws...

...are listed as extinct....more are to be included...

Frank Merry...

good friend, windsurfer, environmentalist is coming for a brief visit.

Good 4 us!!

Smile, love & peace Campaign

obvious suggestable readings for your "Holly Days"

Smile,love & peace Campaign

I am done for 2day

they are nearly gone

They were 8 million some 500 years ago, currently only 200 thousand remain.

He is nearly done

A foundation,still to be named, with an amazing source
of information will be set here soon by Carlos Eduardo

Just 2 make sure we want it 2 be emancipated

Leave us alone!!!

More favourite albuns of mine

Ray Brito always keeps himself tuned... matter whom he performs to:
the pope or the poorest believer.

Get yourself a chance...

... 2 come up here and contemplate what is below

Saturday 28 June 2008

Some people say...

...."photoshops" destroy pix, I dont quite agree with it.

no need to knock, just come in!

Windsurf without wind is solely pix

Milax is The fifth element...who would the first be????

One day I had the idea...

....and it was rubbbed out....this is a new idea... no one will ever rub it out. Thx to Cuzco(Thiago).


...has been described as one of the nicest cities in Europe by my friends.
I doubt someone will ever disagree and I can hardly wait to visit it.

Bad company

My parents always told me to be careful with bad companie: Poor Alice..

Friday 27 June 2008


...was far ahead of everyone. A really piece of cake for him.

With all respect, he comes from one of the banana or pineaple republics in the K.ribs....

He is far too good!!

If he comes he will certainly take it again.

Gugu X happiness

Who cares, be happy if you can!!

Jungle Marathon 2008

Everyone is quite excited about Jungle Marathon 2008.
I wonder who will be doing it again??
Whoever comes will have loads of fun and an amazing rainforest experience.
The pix shows Beck, from England, winner of previous jungle marathons.

Mohammed Abidally is

...a photographer from Sri lanka,(formerly Ceylon).
He may be visiting Santarem soon.
Let us hope it turns out good.
While I haven't got his pix enjoy one of my favourites.

Reginaldo Rohden....

Reginaldo Rohden is an ex-student of my family's English school.
He is a big traveller and here are some pix of his latest adventureto Patagonia.
Check it out and try the same,if you dare. Currently he lives in Curitiba.
Tourists bathing at the famous Geysers del Tatio,
located in the Andes Mountains of northern Chile
at 4200 meters above mean sea level.

Tuesday 24 June 2008

I am travelling for three days 2 see...

...some wildlife and visit Mte Alegre for the caves

Monday 23 June 2008

The Beauty and the Beast is a classic french fairy tale...

I did not see nor Jasmin at the swimming competition neither
Andre with his sk8er wonder they are doing good at school!!!