Friday 24 May 2013

A far too short day time with Igor

Arriving to Alter do Chao and roaming around with no purpose whatsoever I stumbled upon Gil´s place and decided to ask him about the tours he offers. Being aa backpacker  as I am aand running out of money in my ;venth  month of traveling I was looking for the cheapest option. Gil offered me a discount, an enlightening chat and a lunch to share. Straight away I was sure that this was the place to choose) I was not deceived. Next day Gil took me to a place most tourists rarely get a chance to see, introduced me to local people and showed lots of animals all along with a lot of talking about all kinds of things (something you rarely get from your normal tour guide). If when traveling you are looking for a unique experience, getting to know people and meeting excentric characters, Gil is the person to turn to. You will have a lot of fun, guaranteed)



catch of the minute

Exploring flooded forest

Monday 13 May 2013