Tuesday 18 September 2018




Friday 7 September 2018

We got it again

The coolest thing I have ever done!

Gil's 4-day, 3 night trip went above and beyond my wildest expectations! Not only did he open his house to us, arrange for us to be picked up and taken back to the airport (both in the middle of the night), fed us completely, made the BEST caipirinhias, shared his windsurf....he made sure we had an absolutely incredible experience!!! Most importantly he shared his knowledge, love and enthusiasm for the rainforest and the river. The night in jungle was incredible...falling asleep in hammocks under the canopy with stars sparkling above between the trees. It was the coolest thing I have every experienced. When we climbed into our hammocks that night Gil said "Rest your body as well as your soul." Something about being in the jungle does just that! The day and night on the boat was just as amazing. We saw macaws, parrots, toucans, monkeys, sloths and a boa constrictor!!!!! His cousin, Celso, fed us all kinds of fresh fish, rice, beans, fruit, juice, snacks....we were never hungry or thirsty! I would say you would be hard pressed to find a better guide on the Amazon. No one could have more energy or enthusiasm or knowledge. You will not be disappointed!