Tuesday 28 January 2020

Thursday 23 January 2020

Magellan in Santarem

We had an amazing day with Gil and his crew aboard his new boat leaving from Santarem to explore the river and wildlife of the Amazon and its tributaries. Gil is so knowledgeable about this area, the wildlife, the people. We explored narrow creeks in small motor boats with English speaking guides to see mangroves, giant waterlilies, priarucu fish, sloths, wood storks, great egrets, cattle egrets, water buffalo, and many more. On board the larger boat, we had a talk from Gil about his family, his roots and his work. Food and drink was on tap all day and we had a fabulous time. Gil's wrestling with a caiman was the funniest part of the day, especially when it arrived on the deck and ....................I won't spoil the surprise for you! I can highly recommend this trip to get close to the "real" Amazonia.
(Take from tripadvisor - Amazon River Cruise Gil Serique, Day Tour) 

Thursday 9 January 2020