Thursday 31 July 2008

Curiosity killed the cat

we gonna rule this world amongst children

Karina Muniz: Freelings, friends and flicks

Like pigs in the muddy

I can't quite remember...

...the joke, but the "charade" is what matters.

Flona Tapajos Adventure avec Dennis, Veerle, Jaco....

Just to make sure I shall remember this 4ever

thx 4 da great X


Time by Fink Ployd means... is here in this very split second....can not get ready for life It is here right here and right now... it doesn not mean that Piaui sucks....go ahead and enjoy your life....we will be here anyway in the end. Study hard and drink and "feel free" harder than never the way, not much effort is necessary to locate funner arseholes than we finixi it is in Piaui where best pot is cultivated....go ahead and "cut your tail" sophisticatedly.(LOL)

The beggers "banquet"

Como assim? Como assim como assim??

Saturday 26 July 2008

Elton Santos

Elton Santos é o Maratonista nativo de Santarem,
que tem conseguido os melhores resultados
nas versões anteriores da Jungle Marathon.
Para este ano, ele entusiasmado,
promete quebra de Recordes na Jungle marathon que já são seus.

Friday 25 July 2008

TV Tapajos/Jungle Marathon

TV Tapajos team, I mean Cassielen, was there and certainly will be this year as well. See you there then.

Marathon Lads

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Meet Poliane, enjoy her drawings and see her playing

Tuesday 22 July 2008

JM 2008

Widi 2007 winner
Don't ever get tired of JM.


Competitors from around the globe will once again battle it out on tracks and trails through the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. In 2008, competitors will have the choice of two distances: 200km or 100km, which will be completed in stages throughout the week. The longer distance will include six stages and the shorter will include four. Those of you choosing the 100km distance will continue to experience the jungle environment until the finish of the 200km race and will then attend the prize giving and race wrap party.

Competitors in all distances are required to be self-sufficient from their arrival in Brazil until the finish lunch at the end of the 200km stage. Runners are required to carry their foods and provisions during the race and we will provide them with bottled water at designated checkpoints.

The Jungle Marathon will take place in the Tapajos National Forest, a 600 thousand hectares of preotected Rainforest in Santarem Brazil, in October 2008. Due to the isolated location and extreme conditions of this race, places are limited. Be a part of this incredible adventure.

Monday 21 July 2008

Tapajos National Forest


The Home of Jungle Marathon

Jungle Marathon 2008

I was just visited by Shirley Thompson, the idealiser of Jungle Marathon.
I have great admiration for her as a woman of attitude and as a transparent friend.

The jungle Marathon is an amazing event in the heart of Brazilian Amazon in which local communities are truly involved and benefited and participants from all over the world have a chance to learn about the Tapajos National Forest and its people plus run the wildest marathon in the world.
I was the photographer and interpreter from last year's version. I am happy to know that some of the runners are returning again, an evidence that the competition is quite terrific, and the 2008 version will ceratainly be much much better. I am sure everyone will be much more fitted.

Jungle Marathon 2008

The Jungle Marathon is a stage race that takes place in annually in the Floresta National de Tapajos, in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. Approximately 75 competitors take part in the event each year, from around the world. There are two options of distances for the competitors to take part in, either 200kms over 6 stages, or 100kms over 4 stages... the highlight of the longer distance is 'the long stage', which is 80kms and has a time limit of 35 hours!

The runners will be self sufficient, carrying all food and provisions for the duration of the race. Bottled water will be supplied at designated checkpoints. Nights will be spent sleeping in hammocks along the shores of the Tapajos river. All competitors will be required to provide their own hammocks (which should include a mosquito net and rain fly sheet).

The course route will follow pre-existing paths, tracks and trails through primary jungle. There will be natural obstacles to pass including streams and shallow rivers. The route will be marked using coloured tape, paint markings and the use of landmarks. Each competitor will be supplied with a route book, and should be able to navigate. There will be a night stage, which should be illuminated. Distances for each stage range between 13 and 80 kilometres.

Friday 18 July 2008


was one of my dearest school-mates at Dom Amando School. Today I am his greatest admirer. Frankly speaking I have always seen him with much affection and admiration. He comes from a humble family and right after he graduated from High School he moved to Sao Paulo for learning Russian and studying Theatre. A few years later he directed Marilia Pera in Brazil and in London.

Currently he working at SBK Productions of Sir Ben Kinsgley, known for performances in Schindler's List and Gandhi amongst others.
He is directing with Powell Jones Eça de Queiroz's Cousin Basilio well-studied and reccomended by our literature teacher at Dom Amando. Here is one of his recent photographs, London is doing him good!!
Congratulations mate!!!!

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Windsurf no Tapajos

Se consegui ensinar a esse moço posso ensinar em Agadir tambem. Esse moço chama Mao.

India is...

an amazing country, currently with loads of working opportunity.

I have several friends flying private jets there, but there should be many other jobs to get. Borja went there for a kick flight, I mean kick fight. He is a professional kick-boxer.

Tuesday 15 July 2008

memorable game

A friend of mine was walking by the house yesterday, he is a football play, get the scene now:


Flamengo 1 nil semi-final)

Rivaldo at 45 second half kicks to him( Zé) he scores 1x1

Verdura de Leminski

De repente me lembro do verde
Da cor verde a mais verde que existe
A cor mais alegre, a cor mais triste
Verde que veste, verde que vestiste
No dia em que te vi
No dia em que me viste
De repente vendi meus filhos
Pra uma família americana
Eles tem carro, eles tem grana
Eles tem casa e a grama é bacana
Só assim eles podem voltar
E pegar um sol em copacabana
Pegar um sol em copacabana

Paulo Leminski-Valentin Wawzyniak

Tambem meio polaco como ValentinWawzyniak e como Valentin Brasileiro tambem, este todo caboco, meio de Curitiba.

Maica by is a site run by dutch friends connected to social programmes in Santarem. It is a good place to know how their language is complicated and what tehy feel about our hometown. It is also accesible via

Monday 14 July 2008

From Nico to Vera


From Nico to Vera

Mother I luv U!!

This is what I call a social contribution

Guess who is visiting us???

...anad check his nice pixs