Monday 11 September 2017


Dear Gil
 We have been back home for a week only and it was so much to do after a long holiday (we had to go into our comman duties again and it is really hard 😢) that I haven't found time to write.
I have a bit time only, and started to thanks all of our guides and peoples which we met in Brazil; first of all - you.

Gil, all you organised for us was excellent. We remind with a big pleasure that 3 wonderful days we spent with you.  We appreciate your effort to make our stay at the most enjoyable.
All, be in our memory forever.
Thanks to you it was really excellent experience for all of us -  we saw so many wonderful places,birds,plants; we knew much about them and had many exciting experiences. We never forgot your stories and capirinias which you made for us 🙂, night on a board and in a forest.
It was a magic time.
Many thanks Gil.