Wednesday 25 May 2011

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Exploring the Amazon floodplain by canoe

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Wed. March 17th Saint Patrick’s Day – Santarem. Soybean processing plant next to ship. Met with guide Gil Serique and 4 others for our boat tour. On the tour we saw cormorants, tiger herons, egrets, ducks, black skimmers, pink and gray dolphins, water buffalo!! Took a canoe deeper into the more shallow area of the flood plain to see the giant water lilies and water hyacinth. Gil served nuts, pineapple and toasted cheese sandwiches, water, beer, soda, and caipirnha. Sailed back to a small pier in the middle of town. One group took a cab back to the ship. We stopped at a souvenir shop then back to the ship in pouring rain. Soaked again. Cannot say enough good things about Gil. He is knowledgeable about local flora and fauna, enthusiastic and personable. Would recommend him in a heartbeat. (this is so cool)

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Gil Serique(supreme guide) at Fordlandia

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