Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Another environmentalist bites the dust in Brazil..how many more will??

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Maria do Espirito Santo Silva and José Claudio Ribeiro da Silva, leader of Project Agroextrativista Praialta-Piranheira were killed early on Tuesday (24), 50 km from Nova Ipixuna, southeastern Pará, in the community of Maçaranduba.

The threats against the couple's life of gatherers began around 2008. According to relatives, strangers roamed the house of Mary and Joseph Claudius, usually at night, firing shots into the air. Sometimes, they came to target the animals owned by the couple. The timing coincided with the intimidation of the leaders extractive complaint against loggers in the region, constantly progressing area PAEX to extract timber species such as walnut, jatoba and angelim.

To Athanagild Matos, Director of Regional CNS Bethlehem, the death of Jose Claudio Da Silva and Maria is an irreparable loss. "They leave us a lesson, which is the ideal of the Amazon Forest: allow the 'forest people' can live with quality, sustainably with the environment, " said Matos. "We are in contact with federal prosecutors, federal police and other institutions. We support strongly the investigations, that this crime does not go unpunished, "said the Director of the CNS.

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