Tuesday 29 March 2011

M/V Regatta great times



collecting Brazil nut shells

Making manioc flour
schooling the kids

Horse and chart

Flooded forest exploration

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Anonymous said...

Looks like an exciting and varied trip. The guide must have done his best to show them a good time,

Anonymous said...

Gil, great pictures of us.....Thanks for a wonderful tour....Kate Hone

Gil Serique: Culture, Windsurf & Wildlife In the Amazon said...


Kate it was a great great tour thanks indeed

gil serique said...


Kate and I want to thank you for everything you did to make our tour the best it could be. Our group of 10 were very satisfied with the places you took us, the information you gave us throughout the day and the extras you provided on the boat and packets. Everyone of us was disappointed in not having a longer time with you and, maybe, a little earlier in the day. However, the problems with the length and time of day were strictly a responsibility of the ship company, Oceania, and the Captain of the Regatta. There could have been a number of different options he could have chosen but did not. We all feel those decisions were his not yours and you utilized every minute you had to give us the best tour possible.

I understand the other group was also dissatisfied for the same reason of a shortened tour. Kate and I sincerely believe that any adjustments should be the responsibility of Oceania not you. We recognize that you set up the people, equipment, and extras based on an earlier arrival and 5PM departure. You absolutely did your best in our opinion.

Kate and I will be happy to sincerely and warmly recommend you and your people for anyone coming to the Amazon in the future. We wish you all the success you richly deserve and would request you pass our thanks to everyone for their support. The village we visited was marvelous; the elder who spoke with us and his families were terrific; the men feeding the dolphins were also a highlight of the day. We enjoyed the rainforest and would have loved to see the lily pads but totally agreed with your recommendation not to go there due to the rain and the approaching dusk (mosquito time!).

Again, thanks for a great tour.

Steve & Kate Hone