Saturday, 5 March 2011

TESTIMONIAL by David Richardson

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Gil Serique has been an extremely active volunteer here at the Center for the Preservation of Indigenous Art, Culture and Sciences -1492- 1992, almost from the commencement of the project . We have also followed his career as a professional guide and ecological activist here in the Amazon for approximately the last ten years.

We here at the Center consider him a close friend and will forever be indebted to him for his selflessness in sharing his extensive knowledge of our environment and assisting us in unifying and clarifying the indigenous influences on the forest for the better understanding of our regional and overall Brazilian society.

Various projects ideas that are now being carried on here at the Center our due to his personal efforts and creativity. His honesty and sincerity in his work as an ecologist and as indigenista are exemplatory.

His reputation as a naturalist/lecturer speaks for itself. He is always in great demand due to his expansive knowledge on so many different subjects that pertain to our environment and his ability and ease to transfer that information to a common level. To attain that level of understanding that he has obtained, demonstrates his passion for the forest and the Amazon. It has taken Mr. Serique years and years of self study (without the benefit of a structured educational system) to acquire the understanding of the rainforest that he has. It has all been through personal determination , discipline, and dedication that Mr. Serique has involved himself so deeply to gain the field knowledge he has of this region.

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