Friday 18 March 2011

Google translation on ancient Amazon people

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While the Old World lived in the darkness of the Middle Ages, civilization experienced a flowering in Brazil cultural.Contemporâneos the Incas and the Mayans were perpetrators of a sophisticated art. Only now beginning to decipher the archeology who were these ancient inhabitants of the earth brasilis.

If we could go back in time and visit the Amazon in a thousand years ago, we would see a different world. There would be cleared and the large area occupied by pastures and crops in the south and southeastern region, the current Para In areas now covered by dense jungles, would stand out clear signs of human occupation: large villages or towns, surrounded by areas plantations and secondary forests, linked together by long and wide paths. In some places, ceremonial centers designed by rows of stone were arranged in circles. Distant points as the island of Marajo is of Acre, for example, artificial embankments were living spaces and rituals. And that is the Bolivian Amazon, we could contemplate a maze of levees, dams and canals spread over thousands of square kilometers.

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