Friday 28 January 2011

Next Adventure

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My best time amongst many amazing moments I have lived have been guiding. My next adventure made me write this just because I will be co-guiding an amazing tour with my friend Dr. Charles Munn III. He is such a genius. We have worked together before in Peru where we implemented Manu Wildlife Centre, in Southen Piaui where we creted opportunities for trappers turn into eco-guide and scientists field assistants and in the Pantanal where we guarantee observation of Jaguars and all others big south America mammals.

Dr. Charles Munn III

This time we shall fly from Manaus to Tefe with 4 friendly clients and spend a few days at Mamiraua(57,000 km2) where wildlife is highly abundant: Red Uakari, Three-toed sloths, Amazon river dolphin, Hoatzin, Giant Otters, Caymans and an array of other representatives of the Amazon fauna. Mamiraua was founded by out late friend Marcio Ayres who will always be in our hearts as a good mate and most respectable conservationist.

Marcio Ayres

We shall next then explore the Jau National park which reminds the size of tropical rainforest Charlie and his team have helped protected until some 8 years ago: 5.6 million acres (23,000 km²). At Jau we shall focus on observing Black Uakari, a quite elusive and not quite studied primate species.

In between that we shall do some canopy climbing, fly over the meeting of the waters and the Anavilhanas archipelago swim with pink dolphins, learn a bit of Manaus history and of course have some fun and change ideas and discussing how we can more effectively protect more Rainforest.
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