Wednesday, 5 January 2011

M/S Pacific Princess

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Group picture after tour in Santarem
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We so much enjoyed your tour in Santarem. We especially enjoyed the return
seeing how the other Princess cruisers were crammed into tour boats with no
room to move around.

We are attaching the small-size version of the group photo. If anyone wants
the bigger version, let us know.

Since you specifically asked us for feedback, we share these thoughts with
you. Others may add their own comments in other emails.

We liked:

1. The small boat and van to have a personalized trip with a very small
number of people.

2. The leisurely trip up river before all those other boats and having the
up-stream area to ourselves to quietly enjoy.

3. The short trip on shore into the "jungle" so see some flora and fauna.

4. The guided tour that included naming all the birds, fish and things we
saw and the books to help us keep our memories fresh and our photos well

5. The snacks of fresh pineapple and fried fish, nuts, pineapple, and
beverages: water, sodas (better in individual cans), beer and caiparinhas.

6. The tour of the "village" to see how the mannioc and rubber trees were

Barbara & Bert

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