Monday, 2 December 2019

Trip advisor review

We went for a three day trip with Gil. We walked and spent the night in FLONA, the Tapajos forest, where his family used to live. It was quite the experience. The local knowledge, the way he and his team looked after us and were able to spot and show us the local wildlife. We saw King vultures and its relatives up close in the forest, the noise of their wings was impressive. We looked out over the forest, saw spiders, Tucans, frogs and many other birds. waking up and overlooking the forest down to the river was amazing. More history lessons followed in Belterra, where the Ford company created an american style village for the rubber plantations. A trip to Santarem followed where we went aboard. Soon after leaving the dock we saw the encounter of the waters, and the dolphins. We went to the Maica lake where we saw numerous birds and other wildlife like Sloths, Iguanas. At the start of the trip Gil gave us his booklet with the animals we could encounter, I think we saw 80% of the 60 listed. More Tucans, parrots, hawks egrets etc. followed. after dark we went in the dingy to spot the caiman. Early in the morning we were able to see the sunrise, the skies are amazing. After the boattrip we went for another hike and saw three species of monkeys. An unforgetable experience.

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