Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sirena April 2018 - Rated 10!

MS Sirena was on time. It was about 1pm when we had got to the van.  I had 14 guests I guess. Knowing the market would be slow in the afternoon, I went there in the morning, bought several species of fish and also hired a friend to lure the amazing Amazon River Dolphins. Everybody had the chance to photograph them greatly as well as Great Egrets and Cormorants. The market is also a great place to give the best perspective of human impact on the fish fauna. Having done we cruised to along and between the meeting of the waters and the city. It was cloudy so Tapajos and The Amazon river encounter was not that fantastic.
It takes some 45 minutes to reach the wildlife rich Maica river. During this time I lecture about my Jewish family. My grand-father Julio Serique helped the Wickhams with the 70.000 seeds.... my father had founded the school in the little village I was born...My mother was the church caretaker...When we moved to Santarem the American priest that we received at home had an amazing school where I learned English..The confederates had done businesses with my grand father who was a merchant. The upper deck of the boat looked more like a library combined to an art gallery to best make my guests understand about the local history. The lower deck turned into a small market with native fruit and several species of fish I had previously got. The first 15 minutes of our journey we spotted band of Howler Monkeys and a Sloth.

I guess the pictures below can get you more details...

Sloth on Cecropia tree

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