Thursday, 1 December 2016

Two ships in a day M/S Insignia and M/S Prinsendam

On December 1st two ships wil visit Santarem. M/S Insignia will arrive at 8tish and leave a 2pm. Then next will be M/S Prinsendam. She will arrive at 2pm and depart by 9pm.

When I am overbooked for Prinsendam I still have room for maybe 4 couples for Insignia.
Pls check any reliable source for previous results of my work...from Trip Advisor to Tripwolf for more info.

My tour is described below just in case you would like to have an amazing time during your Amazon Cruise

The tour I propose I Call it Floodplain Exploration and It is really,
really good!
If you want more details (and have any questions or concerns), please visit my website, Trip Advisor or Cruisecritic and never hesitate to write.
My goal is to make your experience in the Amazon amazing and
 Helping others learn about and appreciate the Amazon is my
The tour, which is very different from what others offer, includes an
authentic Amazon boat cruise to the extraordinary meeting of the
Tapajos and Amazon rivers.  We will also explore the Floodplain, where
we will see many species of birds.  And I guarantee that we will see
Three-toed Sloths and Pink Dolphins!
Here is a link to my little e-book . When you buy one it guarantees you a printed copy on arrival. Very most of the wildlife you will see during your cruise is selected.

This area was also explored by the famous Victorian biologists Bates, Wallace, and Spruce. Several American Confederates moved here, as well as the infamous British 'rubber thief' Henry Wickham."

If you like fishing we do have the time for it and we provide basic
rods and line.
During the tour we serve Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, fish snacks,
bottled drinks, the freshest lemonade, some beer, ice-cream and (I
promise) the very best caipirinhas.
I would like to suggest you getting Joe Jackson’s The Thief at the End
of the World. It is an amazing reading to have during your cruise. I
also worked with Joe Jackson and Redmond O'Hanlon on the documentary
you can access by the link below.

The price is 130 dollars per person.

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