Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Jan 7th Pacific Princess


The group will picked up at the port (I will be with a white van just by the Pacific Princess); I like starting driving so that we have an opportunity to see the city a bit, actually the participants have the option to stay longer in town on the way back.

We embark on a nice, clean and safe boat at the Richard Hennington pier (He was of the 300 American Confederates that moved to Santarem in 1870's). We head then to the meeting of the waters for pink dolphin observation. Our main destination is the floodplain area east of Santarem only 50 minutes down the river. It is an amazing site for bird watching, fishing and small hikes where we can see Three-toed sloths, Squirrel Monkeys and some birds representatives of the local avefauna.

We have not time for seating and eating so most of the time there will be fish tid bits,fresh fruit, crackers, Brazil nuts, Cashew nuts and lots of bottled drinks(of course mineral water) being served.

We shall use my little "book" to identify the various species of birds and mammals observed on the way. Varzea (Floodplain) represents only 12% of the Amazon basin and it is very scenic.

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