Tuesday 11 December 2012


We are on the way to set a group of 15 people to run the floodplain exploration tour for passengers travelling on Maasdam.

Below you find some details of the trip. Pls never hesitate to ask or suggest.

I can guarantee you great views of Pind Dolphins, three-toed sloths
and many species of birds.
We shall have time for fishing for sure and of course we shall serve
you typical (safe) food and several fruit and nuts. If February the
water will be high enough(hopefully) for us to make short canoe rides
exploring the flodplain. It is really unique nice and safe.

I need at least 10 people to run this tour paying each u$120 per
person, max number of people is 15.

The plan is to pick you up by van at the port and drive to the pier in
downtown. We make a brief stop at the fish market where you can see
some of the fish fauna and the amazing Amazon River dolphins very close.

We head then to the meeting of the waters and 45m later we get on the
Maica river. In this river i will take you to my favourite spot where
we can fish, explore the the flooded forest by canoe, do birdwatching,
eat and drink.

You will love this!!

We have not time for seating and eating so most of the time there will be fish tid bits,fresh fruit, crackers, Brazil nuts, Cashew nuts and lots of bottled drinks(of course mineral water) being served.

We shall use my little "book" to identify the various species of birds and mammals observed on the way. Varzea (Floodplain) represents only 12% of the Amazon basin and it is very scenic.

Contact me at gilserique@gmail.com

Picutres of this trip can see on the post for Aida group below

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