Thursday 30 July 2009

Pink Dolphins under Threat

Dr.Michael Brines and Dr.Yamin w/ a pink dolphin near Manaus

Fishing boat that comes 900km from the East

A vulvae of Pink dolphin at the Ver-o-peso market in Belem
photos: Gil Serique

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The Amazon River Dolphins(Ignia geofrensis), a.k.a Pink dolphins, are likely to be the most mythical creatures in the Amazon Basin. People believe they can turn into men. For the visitors they are a MUST SEE attraction, PERIOD!

New fishing technologies, access to ice and styrefoam boxes have increased fishing missions and the necessity for more bait.

Dolphins reach 3 metres and weight some 200Kg, being the second largest water mammal after the rare manatees.

They get into scene again!

Fishermen are currently killing them to use as baits, placing them into a sad list of threatened species.
Other parts of their bodies(vulvae, penis and eyes) are sold as amulets behind the curtains in open markets.

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