Saturday, 11 July 2009

Maica: a Floodplain paradise under risk

Water buffalos literally destroy an ecossystem that host an amazing array of species, from fish to insects, mammals to birds and insecta.

Bobby Schenk in a visit in the 80's.

It is totally wrong!!!!

The flooplain area east of Santarem is under serious threat!

Actually only a few floodplain areas(they represent no more then 5% pf the entire Amazon basin) are protected in the Amazon, thanks to late Dt. Marcio Ayres(from wcs, former new york zoological socienty).

Inicially heavy explotation had taken place:

An infinite number of insects, birds and mammals were taken to feed museums and private collections all over the world;

Birds feathers to supply hat shops!! Manatee fat to light London and other european cities. Skins for shoes and dresses almost drove Jaguars, Giat Otters, Cayman and an several other mammal species into extinction. In the 30ths the japanese replace huge areas by jute plantations...

Currently, Water Buffalo and cattle are the major threat.

The chinese have reversed their diet previously 2% beef and 90% rice.

The species below and and infinite number of others had a bit time to recover and live and peace, as the water goes down peace is broken again: Buffalos are takne back into pradise and hell takes its place.

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The fact is that we should apply the ecological model of thinking, studying and learning more about the environment and create a chance that future generations can interact with it, so far this possibility is quite dicy.

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