Tuesday, 24 February 2009

On the River by Gil Serique

Chapter III
When I was big enough to run, my family moved to Santarem for good so
we could attend to school. Boats anchored on the Tapajos River became
my favorite playground.
We swam over and had them as base for our jumps, as an obstacle to
play tag and as a good site to observe shows of fish. The captain
arriving on a canoe or yelling from the beach was a sign to call it a
day. But it was only a sign!
We swim then to moving boats and held to worn tires hanging on their
sides. Our bodies so much appreciate splashing water bumping against
them, don't they?
The captain gets rid of us with a cable or piece of stick. That is
what we made he think he did. We slide down holding to the stern next.
Different sort of water pressure your body feels. - watch the
With a poor combination of moves you reach the top of the boat. You
are the king!
You yell with excitement and jump. Your body and brain burning with
adrenaline splash against the water and makes you learn how good is to
be part of the shoal.
. You come out of the water like you had been there too long.
- Air!!!
Now you can call it a day.

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