Tuesday, 24 February 2009

On the River by Gil Serique

Rubber boom, English, Jews

M/S Amazonas has got her name in History for a trip she may not wanted to do, but it was not up to her. Linking your name to the first act of bio piracy makes people say bad words about you.

Captain Murray, Wickhams never cared and they had a little help from their friends. The third passenger was a little boy the Wickham's had adopted here, he was never told the tale. No details!

The year was 1876, they had arrived some four years before. Month and day can be got by playing with the same digits.

Rubber was the reason for the greatest economic boom the World would ever come to experience. Several wars were going on and automobiles and bikes were pop.

The sap that oozed from a sacred tree was in big increasing need and high priced. Iron, steel and rubber made a Triunvirate.

It was one of the reasons my grand-father and his family moved from Morocco and The Wickham from England.

Sails can not be set without Rubber Barons underwear!

The ship had been loaded with whisky, wine, vodka, champagne and pieces of distinct puzzles from Europe that shaped homes, buildings and the atmosphere in Manaus and Belem.

Passengers on and off the vessels were businessmen, musicians, prostitutes and pimps; their luggage: Cigarettes & Alcohol.

During the journey the captain's party was interrupted by a storm. It is safer on land.

Another party is on!

My grand-parents decided to settle in a site where rubber barons LOLs could not be heard and rubber trees can grow.

Wickham's picked Santarem. It is easier to ship bird feathers to supply his father's hat shop in London and staffed wildlife stuff was profitable too. Mrs. Wickham can work as a teacher to septic tanks. Her father was a Londoner publisher; reading was her cup of tea and she knew a lot of shit.

The party was louder and louder and screams of slaves being slashed, raping women, Indians and cabocos cries of pain and anger were part of it.

Wickham's illustration of rubber tree worth more than Van Gogh, Dali and Da Vinci's combined.

Hooker, Darwin's china and notorious director of Kew Gardens did not notice Henry had drawn the seed pod to oval, but he had learned from Spruce the number of seeds in one and he wanted to have 70.000 of them.

At this point the Wickham had a small graveyard where they sometimes pray for family members that had succumbed.

Violet may have thought about hanging out again at Regent Square and make a party at Buckingham Palace

God saves the Queen!

Another Chapter

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