Tuesday 5 December 2017

The day I rescued a Two-toedsloth

It is hard to picture a better life than the one I currently have. I live at the very best property of Alter do chao, a jolly nice village in the middle of the Amazon chosen by The Guardian as one of the best beaches in Brazil. My work gives more pleasure than eyes can see. I have a 6-year daugheter, she is a STAR!!! family friends and of course, windsurf, the best toy ever. There are many many other reasons for me to feel the happiest person on Earth. (Pause for windsurfing I will come back later).

When I was going to the beach I bumped on a couple who looked like cruisers. I aksed about the ship and I though it was bizarre that I had not group on her...

When I was returning from windsurfing I met  Sue and Stephen, from Prinsendam. Stephen is an avid windsurfer and I was was happy to share my equipo with him. After surfing he and Sue came to vis

It is about 7pm now and i just learned I had a group on Prinsendam. Ooh that is terrible. It will never happened again


Note  when I rescued the sloth my mobile got wet and broke so I had no way to be called by my friends

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