Monday, 23 October 2017

Sirena at Alter do chao

We left on time to visit Terra Rica, an area that belonged to my family from my mother side.
During the 45m drive I had a chance to share the history of my families, occupation of the area, some environmental issues, contemporary history as we drive through Belterra and above all make a short hike to my new place where I do overnight camp. I have decided not to use the trails made by my grand-parents and uncles but we still visit what is left by my family, like rubbet tree plantation, cocoa plantations, the huge kapok tree where I use to play hide and seek with my cousins and my family used to store Brazilnut sheel, avocados, piquia etc. This is place is also where the had been built and there is a nice view of the Tapajos river and it is also nice to contemplate rainforest from far away. The tour has quite been emproved!!!

On the way back we drove through Belterra and finally arrived at my property 4 hours later. We spend some 20 minutes eating drink and chatting and then the group was driven back to the tenders dock only 3 minutes from my place.

I would rate the tour 9.5 out of ten, but you better wait for a review on Trip Advisor.
Below you will find some pictures and I will post a few more (actually I am working on a video which can be more fun to see.

The gate to Terra Rica, a name given by my grand-father

At home for snacks etc

Sirena at rest
at a Kapok tree

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