Thursday, 10 November 2016


Ladies enjoying the breeze and contemplating Nature.

About fishfauna.

Trying a close contact with Nature.

The easy access onto the boat.

Our van at rest in front of Mr. Hennington Pier.

Just after clearance.

A rare sunbittern spotted during the journey.

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About the importance of rubber.

Getting ready for the brief hike.

Baby sloth

Roasting cashew nuts

A view of our boat crusing Maica lake

Marquinho: a fisherman, a waiter and a good friend of mine

Leaving for a canoe ride

Ice Cream for the humid and hot tropical climate

Fish snacks

Thank you so much for the smiles

Returning from the canoe ride

A close up of our boat

Pirarucu (Arapaima)

The easy access to the boat

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