Saturday, 26 December 2015

This one sounds good too

We arrived in Santarem by ship and were met by Gil, and his very competent crew for a Meeting of the Waters tour.. there were 18 of us which is a very comfortable number for his river boat. when booking the tour Gil had recommended that I read the book, "The Theif at the End of the World"., by Joe Jackson, which was very good advice since is is all about the rise and fall of rubber in the region. This amazing book has a dedication and credits to Gil, granddad played a very important role in rubbers rise and fall..
The tour took us on a walk through the jungle with excellent descriptions of the animal life, complete with a sloth to see and touch.. flora and fauna .. we took small boats down small tributaries, we were treated to the most delicious local foods and drink.. fried chunks of local fish, fresh fruit, nuts, local beer, fried casaba root.. fruit juices..the local alcoholic drink called Caparina (I don't know about the spelling) But the taste was yummy.. and the affect was noted.
Gil entertained us for 8 hours with the most interesting stories of local and family color. He is not to be missed. He does tours for hours or days.. I highly recommend this extraordinary man and his great crew...
Visitou em novembro de 2015

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