Monday, 1 August 2011

A moment in History (part I)

The year we got together to protest against Kararao and Babaquara Hydroeletrics was 1989, they are known today as Belo Monte Dam. The key people were the various Brazilian indigenous groups  plus Heraldo Mau├ęs and Darrel Possey (anthropologists), Pinon Friaes (ecologist), Fabio Feldman, Paulo Capobianchi (ecologists), Barbara Bramble(Journalist)), Barbara Pyle (ecologist), CIMI people...Sting was there, Gabeira, Manuel Dutra (jornalist), Camilo Viana (ecologist), Celivaldo Carneiro (journalist), Marcelo Rubens Paiva(writer) Lucelia Santos (actress), Vivaldo Reis (UFPa), Brigitte Bardoux missed the plane. Kubei, Raoni, Paiakan, Davi Yanomami, Tuto Pombo, Kararao, Tuira....and of course myself., there were also various cock-heads representing Eletronorte and the government too.

Pinon Friaes

Guerreira Tuira

Gil Serique

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