Wednesday, 29 December 2010

TNC plus Cargill Versus Amazon Rainforest

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Installed in 34 countries with the mission of protecting the environment, he says on his website, the American NGO The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has not prevented the extinction of the only beach of the town of Santarem, Vera Paz, either, the inquiry of an archaeological site, pollution of the Rio Tapajos and the increase of deforestation in the region, encouraged by the action of Cargill.

Built in 1951, the Conservancy, with its headquarters in the United States, arrived in Brazil in the 1980s and from the beginning had its actions towards the Amazon region.

In Santarém, as stated on its homepage, "we work in partnership with Cargill to support more than 150 soybean producers. "

For Gilson Rego, the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) from Santarem, no doubt, "they (NGOs) working explicitly for the Cargill soybean growers. They are working for maintaining soybeans on the region. "

And yet, complains: "The Nature Conservancy takes money from Cargill to clean the 'shed blood', to make up and affect positively all the company's shares, both at national and international levels ".

Thus, the site of The Nature Conservancy, also shown its beneficial for the community, "empowering young leaders: providing the tools and techniques necessary for the management of indigenous lands. "

Marcio Zonta

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