Sunday, 19 September 2010

Gil-Harpy eagle and Will's poem

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Hey gil,

So i have written a poem. it is about the moment when we saw the harpie eagle (when we had gone to the lookout point in the rainforest). The poem is meant to be a bit funny.
The way it is set out is that you have seen the harpie eagle and are describing it to us - so most of the poem is your voice. We are struggling to see it (our words are in italics) and so keep asking you stupid questions.

Here it is:

Stop. And for a moment let

Your busy mind forget

All other thoughts.

For up there is a harpie eagle.

Don’t blink. But stare with watering eyes

This noble hunter of the skies

Sat atop the highest tree

Untouched, untroubled, silent, free.

Where is it exactly?

Shining in your regal dress

Charcoal wings on ivory breast

Your scimitar beak… which one? The one with creepers?

Oh Artemis in your all your prime

You could conceive a bird so fine

Such wonder…. the brown thing on the big branch?

What rapture. What bliss.

Such perfection in creation’s myth

Will,move! Your giant head is in the way

And with one sudden whiplash crack

Your wings unfurl behind your back

Are you sure it’s not a buzzard?

And quiet as a starlit night

You leave your perch and into flight

The silence of this poetry

Arrests my breath…. are you OK? Tim, he’s choking.

Your silhouette will stain my mind

A precious memory left behind.

Oh Fate, you gift me such a treat

that two paths would deign to meet.

Oooh, I think it’s gone. Where did it go? Did you see it Lynn? Gil?

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