Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lula's mistakes

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You put a lot of efforts, spend lots of energy and time to elect a president expecting that he is going to take good care of your country but it turns out that he actually wants to benefit big companies and develop project that destroy nature. That is the case of Lula and a bunch of idiots before him. He is willing to build at any cost a dam on the Xingu river bringing along immesurable environmental impact.

he is also becoming a good friend of iran's president, which means he is really planning to reduce brazilian nature.

If I was the president of my country one of the first things i would do was bombing Iran.

See, iranians live in the middle of a desert and they try to grow palm trees and even create a rain forest, which means they love nature, wildlife. They have a strong army and get really pissed when you touch them.

They would surely invade brazil take over our weak armies led by old farts from dictatotship times.

When they see how beautiful nature is here,the amazing biodiversity,they would certainly protect with teeth and nails nature.

We can work on them later that walking semi-naked on the beach and streets is part of our culture.

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