Thursday, 22 October 2009

Elizabeth Bishop

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That golden evening I really wanted to go no farther;
more than anything else I wanted to stay awhile
in that conflux of two great rivers, Tapajos, Amazon, grandly, silently flowing , flowing east.
Suddenly there'd be houses, people and lots of mongrel
riverboats skittering back and forth
under a sky of gorgeous, under-lit clouds,
with everything gilded , burnished along one side,
and everything bright, cheersful, casual- or so it looked.
I like the place; I liked the idea of the place.
Two rivers. Hadn't two rivers sprung from the Gardens of Eden? No, that was four
and they'd diverged. Here only two
and coming together...

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Paganlite said...

I love your use of the Elizabeth Bishop images and take it poem..I have jsut discovered her poetry and am deeply entralled by her life and work. Obviously you too are making these connections with your travels. Thankyou .