Sunday, 31 May 2009

Derek's quick visit to Namibia!! 126Km in 24 Hrs.

Namibia is an amazing place to run. The journey from canyons to plains to
desert to ocean was spectacular. I'm still nursing my hamburger feet but
otherwise still on a high from finishing.

Hi Derek,
Good seeing fresh photos of you.

It is like your feet are the ticket to run! They rip the corner of it!!!

Next time you do it give me a ring, I may join you.

I wonder where is next?? Jungle Marathon again!!!

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The first Chinese person in the world to run across the 4Deserts

2009 260km Namibia (Africa) 非洲
2007 200km Jungle Marathon (Brazil) 巴西
2006 250km The Last Desert (Antarctica) 南極州
2005 250km Sahara Race (Egypt) 埃及
2004 250km Atacama Crossing (Chile) 智利
2003 250km Gobi March (Mongolia) 蒙古
2002 225km Marathon Des Sables (Morocco) 摩洛哥
2001 500km Eco-Challenge New Zealand 新西蘭
2000 500km Eco-Challenge Sabah (Malaysia) 馬來西亞

"Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever"

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