Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Música Brasileira by Claus Schreiner

My family is formed by music enthusiasts and the access to all sorts of music is present from my early breaths. It was not different for my father, who played violin and guitar, and was influenced by his Moroccan roots.
As a child, lullabies were behind compositions by musicians like João de Barro, Waldir Azevedo, Ary Barroso sung by my mother at the swinging of my hammock. As we moved into Santarem my older brothers simply filled the house with LP by Chico Buarque to Fink Ployd.
Music is always present as music literature was not quite so.

I recently borrowed from Sebastião Tapajos, Musica Brasileira by Claus Schreiner. Claus has worked as a manager for great Brazilian musicians and shared bottles of wine, beer and caipirinhas with most during the 70’s in Rio.
Musica Brasileira is an outstanding work that whoever loves and want to learn about our music and Brazilian culture should go for.

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