Friday, 6 June 2008

Whale On the Tapajos River

The skeleton of this minx whale is at exhibition at the local city museum.
It swam all the way from sea into the Tapajos river, an over 1000km-journey.
Last year a fisherman caught a 80kg shark. These fish sometimes swim all the way up to Obidos, a city with about 100thousand inhabit. inbetween my hometown and Manaus.
The few sharks that do it by following the many vessels that transport Soy beans, Bauxite, timber or even cruiseships get completely disoriented and turn easy target to the fishermen.
I did not see when the big water mammal swam by my house, but Nico my cat saw it!!! Biologists say tha the whale lost its way due to natural reasons, but some fishermen claim they saw a Japanese whaler and a Norwegian war plane chasing it.
This pix was taken by Dr. Erik Jennings

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