Saturday, 14 June 2008

Caboco in the USA

I learnt or maybe I saw Angelo (English teacher at CCAA) a couple of days ago at Federal Police Station.
He is not necessarilly what I would describe at a trouble maker, so my best guess is that he was working on his passport in order to visit his Aunt and kill sometime in the USA.
His one of the dearest blokes and my hometown.
Say hi to your relatives and to uncle Sam dude from us
and try to get Gui to behave, which is sort of impossible.

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Angelo said...

thanks for the post
as a matter of fact, i was there for my passport, but im not sure if i'll travel to uncle sam land. im thinking about canada, its easier and cheaper.
guilherme is a little devil, but he is becoming to behavie, as now he has a little daughter =D
see u dude