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Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Award 2020

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Golden Parakeets

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

new review

Gil's "new" cruiser was at the dock when we landed and we went straight on board and enjoyed his hospitality and knowledge before we left on a voyage of discovery. 

As we travelled away from Santarem he filled us in on the locality and the accompanying wildlife and plantlife. His knowledge is second to none and his way of imparting it made the day amazing in all ways. Once out in the wetlands we transferred to small boats and made our way into the depths of the landscape only accessible in these boats. We saw all types of bird and wildlife and enjoyed a constant commentary all day long. He is a very interesting man with a very chequered life history which he managed to impart in a way that gave substance to our views of Brazil. 

The practical parts of the day ie food, drink and facilities are all catered for in excellent form and, overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending this day to anyone . He will tailor it to time restraints eg cruise stops and make sure you get back in good time. We did, in fact, do a second days trip with Gil in Alter do Chao, this time a land based trip by minibus into the Rainforest which was also, although different, just as good and informative. It also emphasised to us the problems of deforestation etc which is one of his enduring passions. To finish, a fantastic pair of trips, made our cruise.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Queen Victoria - What a wonderful day

I contacted Gil almost 20 months before taking this tour. (I am a planner)
His responses were fast and very informative.
He is a great communicator.
I already knew a lot of passengers who would be joining the Queen Victoria's circumnavigation of South America so I contacted them and asked if they wanted to join us. There were 23 people who were part of the group I organized.

Without exception everyone was thrilled with the tour.
Gil was moored directly in front of the ship when we disembarked.
We had to wait almost an hour for the couple (NOT with me!) who claimed that they were told that the tour started at 10 am. Everyone is wrong but my Johnny comes to mind. They were totally unapologetic and as a result, totally ignored.

We headed out finally and went past the pink dolphin, the city of Santarem and then headed down to where Gil planned to take us. All the way along Gil described, in detail what we were going to see.
Once we got to a safe anchorage three smaller boats were set out to explore the tributaries.

This was AMAZING. We were up close and personal with the Amazon!!!
We saw so much wildlife and what we could not see Gil pointed out to us.
He is a truly brilliant man whose love of the Amazon is obvious. He is passionate about his country.

We had some wonderful snacks of native fish and nuts and fruit. The drinks were very ,ummmmmm, exceptional. Terrific bartender service. All of this was included in the price.
We fished for Pirhanna and some actually caught the small but mighty fish.
We saw the huge Lilypads and even found Gil, up to his neck in water, cutting away vines and branches to make our boats able to navigate the tributaries easier.
Do not hesitate to book this trip.
We have only been back from our cruise for 5 days and I have a lot of stuff to take care of but I cannot wait to upload all of my photos of this exceptional day.
Thanks Gil. Forever a friend.
(Take from tripadvisor - Amazon River Cruise Gil Serique, Day Tour)

MS Queen Victoria

Pink Dolphin
Roadside Hawk
Three-toed sloth
Giant water lily
Water Buffaloes
Myself and Mr. Riker

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