Friday, 6 June 2008

Party and Prejudice

Santarem commemorates the 40th anniversary of the arrival of northeasterns in the amazon....But the fact is the Northesterns had arrived in the Amazon during the rubber boom still in 18001s. Most of them moved from the Caatinga region, an environment that makes the Saara desert look like an igloo. As a minority here, they suffered and still have to face social prejudices.

They are referred here as "Arigó" a bird species the lives in bands, but yesterday as I was visited by a good friend whose parents come from the Northestern....he was telling me how bad was being "attacked" by his school mates, and being compared or called "arrigó" actually the peculiary of the bird was not grouping, but the fact that it predators other birds nests, a reference totally unfair and immoral to a people that have contributed to the fun atmosphere of my city.

Chico Mendes is a good exemple of how great northesterns influenceed the Amazon world and the world.!!

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