Friday, 6 June 2008

Pure Funk and TV

Mauro and Flavio are two brothers born in Belem but lived for several years in Santarem where his father played football and worked for a local bank. They moved to Ribeirão Preto where they had a better chance to develop their skills. Mauro became a journalist for the major Brazilian TV Channel and Flavio turned out to be a great bass guitar player. After playing for some well-known Brazilian musicians he formed his own band and named Pop D'bamba. In his last visit to Santarem he dropped me a copy of his yet to-be-reliesed album. I freaked!!! The two brothers would never surprise me with their talent and dedication to their work, but Flavio and his friends did a magnificent music work. His lyrics express his feeling and love for Brazil and the music brings human warmth with, what every good music should do. He is currently working on a lounge music album. Pls send me a copy dude!!!

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