Friday, 6 June 2008

JAGUARS and my magic cat: Nico

I like the idea that Nico is a magic cat, let put it a difference way: Everything I ask him for it simply happens. I had asked him for the Jaguars, then I saw one with my Dutch friends, I had asked him one girlfriend, he got me three....then I asked him more jaguars, Nico more Jaguars pls!!!!

So I was invited by Dr. Charles Munn III to work with him in the Pantanal: In the Jaguar Reaseach Centre!!! Guess what?? Outside seeing my Charlie's family, I met a bunch of cool people plus I saw 23 jaguars in 15 days. No other guide have ever seen that much up to now. I could see Jaguars 6 to 15 metres away with my pair Swarowisky, they would just be there watching us for 20 minutes or sometimes for one hour!!!! I also saw again my friend Dr. Alan Lurie who is resposable for these great pix.



this blog is fuck animal I love it.
abraço Gil maluco

Anonymous said...

Don't you realize that these Pantanal jaguars at the 3 brothers and JRS are being baited ?!
What is really bad is that hundreds of caimans and capybaras have to be sacrificed to full fill our dreams of seeing the elusive jaguar ... They are becoming just another check-box of the rich consumeristic "eco" tourist.