Monday, 21 July 2008

Jungle Marathon 2008

The Jungle Marathon is a stage race that takes place in annually in the Floresta National de Tapajos, in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. Approximately 75 competitors take part in the event each year, from around the world. There are two options of distances for the competitors to take part in, either 200kms over 6 stages, or 100kms over 4 stages... the highlight of the longer distance is 'the long stage', which is 80kms and has a time limit of 35 hours!

The runners will be self sufficient, carrying all food and provisions for the duration of the race. Bottled water will be supplied at designated checkpoints. Nights will be spent sleeping in hammocks along the shores of the Tapajos river. All competitors will be required to provide their own hammocks (which should include a mosquito net and rain fly sheet).

The course route will follow pre-existing paths, tracks and trails through primary jungle. There will be natural obstacles to pass including streams and shallow rivers. The route will be marked using coloured tape, paint markings and the use of landmarks. Each competitor will be supplied with a route book, and should be able to navigate. There will be a night stage, which should be illuminated. Distances for each stage range between 13 and 80 kilometres.

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