Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Competitors from around the globe will once again battle it out on tracks and trails through the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. In 2008, competitors will have the choice of two distances: 200km or 100km, which will be completed in stages throughout the week. The longer distance will include six stages and the shorter will include four. Those of you choosing the 100km distance will continue to experience the jungle environment until the finish of the 200km race and will then attend the prize giving and race wrap party.

Competitors in all distances are required to be self-sufficient from their arrival in Brazil until the finish lunch at the end of the 200km stage. Runners are required to carry their foods and provisions during the race and we will provide them with bottled water at designated checkpoints.

The Jungle Marathon will take place in the Tapajos National Forest, a 600 thousand hectares of preotected Rainforest in Santarem Brazil, in October 2008. Due to the isolated location and extreme conditions of this race, places are limited. Be a part of this incredible adventure.

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