Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Chapada das Mangabeiras

Concentrates quite a number of endemic and threatened species. I worked on the protection of such amazing ecossytem(Cerrado) when soybeans megaprojects were only sneaking into it. Maned wolves, Hyacinth Macaws, Blue and Yellow macaws, Giant Armadillo, Red and green macaws, Sun Parakeet, Giant Anteater are some of the species

I had seeen Titi monkeys using a stick as tool, here the species are Capuchins.
They use rocks to crack palm nuts. It is amazing and fun to watch them.
Hyacinth Macaws were the major target by bird trapper.
Some of them joined us in project
Red and Green macaws nest in cliffs cavities as oppose to
tree holes like in the Amazon

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