Thursday, 5 June 2008

Siba e a Fuloresta - Ambulante Discos

I met Beto Villares some ten years ago during a trip I was sort of leading in the Rio Negro Valley.

He had with lots of good music including a copy of his debut album called Excellentes Lugares Bonitos, which I had the privilege to listen to during our ten day trip.

Beto Villares produced artists like Zelia Duncan, Pato Fu, Herbert Viana, Mestre Ambrosio, Céu, composed the soundtrack for Cidade Baixa directed by Sergio Machado and more recently the album SIBA e a FULORESTA, "Toda vez que eu dou um Passo o Mundo sai do Lugar", which I have a already a very used copy at home.

I was impressed once again with Beto's work. Siba's lyrics is an absolutly "clear message", the album cover and sleeve design by Luciana Facchini is outstanding.

Congrats Beto, Siba and everyone else envolved in such excellent work.

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