Thursday, 5 June 2008

Kitesurf in the Tapajos River

No comments! but some:
I do windsurf in the my hometown 4 20 years now. I always considered one of my many life privileges(i got many thx God).
A few years ago I went to Natal, where I stayed with my china Bryan, for Kitesurf instructions and I learnt it is much easier and funner than Winsurf. Disadvantages like having to inflate or need someone else to help does not make it less fun.
I look forward to emprove my skills in kiting this summer. When I was a little boy flying kite was one of my favourite activitivies, as a grew older it was replaced by windsurf, now I have the chance to do both at the same time. Gosh what a privilege!!! Add to that, the most beautiful river in the world, where I was bathed during my entire childhood.
In the pix, my friend Josiah, or maybe his brother near Pajussara. I wish you good winds dudes!!!

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fguarany said...

That's what I call the "good" life...
Enjoy it, mate.

Fernando Guarany Jr
Natal RN