Saturday, 7 June 2008

Giant Otter

Giant Otters are more rare or threatened than most amazonian mammals due to their fur, which more expensive than jaguar's and they are also quite easy to spot. I was in Petropolis with my china Alan Foster at Peter Muller's place, when I learnt that Giant Otters was Alan's favourite animal. He proudly told us he had seen a small pack in Manu Wildlife Centre area, at a distance of 20m.

_ There is one place where you can probably swim with them.

I interrupted him.

Two days later we were at Pixaim river in northern Pantanal where he had the privilege to swim with the young Giant Water you see above.
That is one of the reasons he dedicated The Drawning World to me, the others were White Uakari at Mamiraua(where actually the sci-fi story takes place), Hyacinth Macaws in Southern Piaui....

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